May 24th, 2018

Igor Grek

Боинг и Бук - очередные вопросы

Говорят, обещанного три года ждут, но тут уже четвертый на исходе. И вдруг появляется мощный вещдок: часть ракеты с серийным номером!

"The missile engine’s casing shows the number 9 д 1318869032. The JIT-investigation up to now indicates the following meaning of this number. 9д 131 relates to the number of the missile engine of the 9M38 type and/or 9M38M1 type. The number 8 is the manufacturer’s code, namely: the Dolgoprudny Research and Manufacturing Enterprise in Moscow. The number 86 indicates the year of production, namely 1986. And the number 9032 is the unique identification number of this specific missile engine.
The JIT has established that this involves a missile of the 9M38 Buk-series. To what extent both parts belong to the missile that was launched by the BUK TELAR of the 53rd brigade can, as yet, not be said with certainty.

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